Get involved

Developers interested in contributing to the platform

Please head over to One Click Orgs’ Devspace list and introduce yourself. The team will get you started and help you choose something to work on. We’re working in Rails 3. The code lives on GitHub. See also the issue tracker and the wiki for more information.

If you’d like to meet other team members or pair with another developer we hold a Saturday afternoon hackday and a Thursday evening hack session each month in London, usually at London Hackspace.

If you’re on IRC One Click Orgs team members frequently pop up on #oneclickorgs (Freenode).

Lawyers who can help localise One Click Orgs tools for different jurisdictions

We invite legal specialists to help make One Click Orgs available in new jurisdictions. At the moment we’re particularly looking for legal folks to guide us on California corporation law. If you can help please get in touch.

Funders who would like to support the project

One Click Orgs is a non profit working with a combination of volunteers, paid services and grant funding. If you’re interested in helping us achieve more please contact us.

Organisations interested in partnering with us

We’re interested to speak to partners who offer complementary services or who support communities where One Click Orgs could be useful. If you’d be interested in partnering please write to us.