London Hackspace becomes first virtualised non-profit corporation

By | August 6, 2011

On Wednesday 27th July the members of London Hackspace gathered at the Trampery in London for the organisation’s Annual General Meeting. The main item on the agenda was a proposal to adopt a new set of corporate articles virtualising all procedures of the Board of Directors on a platform created by One Click Orgs.

Russ Garrett, Co-Founder of London Hackspace, proposed the motion for vote and it passed unanimously at 20:16 BST. Therefore this was the moment when the world’s first virtualised non-profit corporation came into existence. The vote is captured in the photo below.

London Hackspace is a Company Limited by Guarantee, the UK form of a non-profit corporation. The One Click Orgs virtualisation completely removes Board Meetings from the organisation’s formal procedures. Instead a board member can put forward a proposal for vote at any time on the One Click Orgs platform and proposals that pass will be legally binding on the corporation. The platform also provides facilities to record minutes from offline discussions and register Directors’ conflicts of interest declarations.

This is just the first step in a larger process to virtualise all governance processes for the corporation. The next step will remove the requirement to hold an Annual General Meeting and enable members to elect Directors through an electronic vote on One Click Orgs.

Thanks to Francis Davey who did a lot of work drafting the virtualisation elements for the revised Articles and Chris Mear for his herculean effort preparing the platform. Many thanks also to UnLtd for supporting the project and to London Hackspace for being such an excellent partner to work with.


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